Company is the culmination of three years of iterative work. It all began in early 2001 when the vision was born from a bassist/software programmer in Denver, Colorado. The first versions of eBandManger were designed as intranet applications for individual bands. The initial requirements were driven directly by the bands’ needs for an integrated mail list, contact management, and scheduling tool geared directly toward the music industry. Three years later, the need still exists in the industry and SSP Innovations, LLC is very proud to be able to offer the first commercial release of Though the functionality has progressed more than we had ever imagined back in 2001, the core mission of the site is the same:

To provide bands of all genres and all levels of success the tools they need to be successful.

About SSP Innovations, LLC

SSP Innovations, LLC was incorporated in 2003 to serve as an umbrella company for the many online services sites that were under development at the time. The staff of SSP is proficient in both web and client server software development and has worked in a wide range of industries including human resources, energy and utilities, telecomm, public sector (government), construction, professional services, and last but certainly not least, the entertainment industry (including music and band management). We primarily utilize Microsoft’s latest and greatest development technologies and most often deploy our solutions with Microsoft .Net and SQL Server. For more information on SSP Innovations, LLC and/or what we can do for your business, please visit our website.