The first and easiest way to get you question answered is to check out our comprehensive online help which details all of the functionality available. If youíve checked the online help and your questions are still not answered, there is always a support link available on the menu of the login-based site. This link will auto-populate the subject of your email with all of the information that we need to look at your specific account. We are then happy to work with you to solve almost any problem you are having. We will support both the pages on our internal site as well as the integration of our plug-in pages (mail list signup, gigs page, message board) into your public website.

We have also provided an online form for the submittal of any bugs you may come across (hopefully you wonít find any, but since this software is relatively new, a few of the creepy crawlers may have slipped by us!). This same form can also be used for general feedback about the site and the functionality as well as any recommendations for future enhancements. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to improve the services we provide so please donít hesitate to fill this form out often. Your messages will be read and we will always do our best to respond promptly with a plan of action.